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Good Deed of The Month: Compliment A Stranger

Everyone has a story and as we walk down the street, we walk by many different stories without even getting a chance to read them. These stories are personal to each person. One woman you walk by today could be dealing with a death in her family, another child you walk by could be nervous about speaking in front of the class, a man you walk by could be getting fired from his job today. Every person we walk by is a stranger, we may not even play any role in their stories, but this month we want you to be a character in this chapter.

Simply give a single compliment to a complete stranger as your good deed.

Good Deed of The Month Compliment A Stranger p
Our community is always doing good deeds, however, this month we are asking everyone to do something a little extra. Simply go about your day as you would any other day, but when you pass by a stranger, find something to compliment about them. It is an act of kindness that can change someone’s day, or even create a new friendship.

A simple compliment can start a conversation, or change the path that someone is on at the time. Imagine you are nervous about a big meeting at work today. You’re walking down the street and a complete stranger says to you, “You look great, hope you have an equally great day.” A compliment like that from a complete stranger will boost your confidence, in turn, your meeting could go that much better; changing the path of your day, or even your life. The best part is, kindness like this is contagious. The stranger you compliment might compliment another, who compliments another and so on it’s like passing on your goods.

Your good deed of a single compliment could end up changing the life of many different people.

So get out there this month and enjoy the weather, enjoy your family, and friends, enjoy the good and let the bad give you strength, compliment a stranger and pass on that enjoyment.