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Good Deed of The Month: Put Change in Row of Vending Machines

One of the best surprises we experience is a small one. Putting on a pair of pants that you haven’t worn for a while, or switching purses after a few months and finding some money in the pockets is that surprise. It’s money that you forgot about and usually goes towards a treat of some kind during the day.

This month you can give that surprise to a complete stranger with the good deed of the month.

Good Deed of The Month Put Change in Row of Vending Machines

Finding some extra change of cash is always nice and welcomed by everyone. Suddenly, you’re giving the chance to get a little extra something during the day, or add some gas to your tank. No matter what you use the money for the sheer fact that you now have a little more money than you started out with is worth every cent. This month, we want to share that surprise with complete strangers. Everyone has passed by a vending machine today, or will tomorrow and that’s your time to act.

Reach into your pockets or purse and pull out some change and insert it into the vending machine. It doesn’t matter the amount, and it could just be some spare change that has been jingling around in the bottom of the barrel. After you’ve inserted the change simply walk away. The next person who comes to use the vending machine will insert their money, select their item and get more change back than they thought. This surprise is equivalent to finding forgotten money at home, not to mention a cheaper or free treat from the machine and the rest of the day is altered.

Good Deed of The Month Vending Machine

Good Deed of The Month Vending Machine

Mood is everything when it comes to your day and how it goes. How you react to things that go on around you sets the tone for the day ahead. Finding extra cash or getting a free treat has the power to set your day on the right path. By doing this, or any good deed for a stranger, you could change the entire path of their day.

As a member of the Good In Deed community, you can share with us all the deeds that you’ve done or are doing. Though this month, we ask that you make it a point to add some change to a vending machine for a complete stranger. Spread the wealth and watch it grow into something bigger than everyone.