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Good Deeds List for a Month of Giving

One of the best parts of doing a good deed is the randomness of it all. Imagine someone you know, giving you a gift for no reason; the feeling is incredible. Now imagine getting a gift, any kind of donation, from a complete stranger for no reason. For some, that could mean getting a glimmer of...

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Toys For Troops Holiday Drive

The holidays are a time for family, loved ones, and community. We come together over small hopes and exchange gifts that represent big dreams. The holidays are a time when we can sit down and listen to one another, talk about the year that’s past and where we hope to be in the future. It’s a time...

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ROAR Good Deeds With Katy Perry

A lion is often feared for many different reasons. However, in some parts of the world, lion’s are looked at as protectors. Lion’s have been known to protect humans, especially children who are lost in the wild. One way they protect, communicate, and the fight is through their roar. A lion’s roar...

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